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Ekoi Road Shoe Line Up

Dec 03, 2023

French brand Ekoi is a mainstay in Europe, but not all that common here in North America. You probably have seen their helmets and sunglasses at many of the top races in Europe, though they offer a full product line that also includes clothing, shoes, and accessories for your ride. We'll have another article coming soon covering their helmets, but for now, let's focus on road shoes. We have some reviews in the works for the R4 Light shoe, AR14 aero road helmet, Premium 90 sunglasses, Graphene Design summer jersey, and 3D Gel Perf Hexa bib shorts

Founded in 2001, Ekoi has partnered with teams like AG2R La Mondial, Quickstep, arkea samsic, Cofidis, Lotto Soudal, and Isreal-Premier Tech, along with many individual riders and triathletes for clothing, helmets, and sunglasses.

When it comes to shoes, the brand has a full lineup for road, mountain, triathlon, and winter riding. They have three levels, Pro, Xpert, and Sport, helping riders easily find the shoe that fits their needs and budget. When it comes to dials, Ekoi uses ATOP dials. Tightening them is straightforward spinning of the dials, but to loosen them, you turn the dial back a quarter turn, which unlocks the dial and you can pull on the cord.

C-4 – Starting at the top, you have the C-4. Ekoi uses a full carbon sole to provide stiffness and power transfer to the pedals. The upper is a polyester/TPU knit upper for support and ventilation for hot days on the road. The C-4 uses ATOP carbon dials, which blend a metal dial with carbon accents for micro adjustability and quick releases to easily get out of the shoes. The heal counter uses a silver, cat's tongue like material that helps lock your foot into place. They weigh in at a claimed 260g (size 41) and is available in 8 full sizes from 39-46. Color options include a classy all-black with red accents, and red with black heel and tongue section. $354.99

R4 Light – Next in line is the R4 Light. While not quite as stiff as the C-4, the R4 lines use a carbon composite sole. It provides stiffness for efficient power transfer, yet some flexibility for long days in the saddle. The upper is a breathable mesh for plenty of ventilation, with an almost rubbery coating for durability and support. In the heel, you'll find that same cat's tongue-like material to keep you locked in place, along with two ATOP dials to find just the right fit. The R4 Light weighs in at 275g in a size 42, and is available in 9 full sizes from 39-47. They are available in white with black accents, along with an all-black shoe version with a slightly different upper overlay. $304.99

R4 Evo – The R4 Evo is the all-arounder version of the R4 family. It uses a similar carbon composite sole to the light, but is a little bit thicker, providing more stiffness than the R4 Light. The upper is a perforated synthetic leather upper for support and durability. The ATOP dials and heel material remains the same as the light. The Evo is slightly heavier than the Light at 285g in a 42, with 9 full sizes from 39-47. Available in white with black, all-black, Electric Blue, Blue Gara, Flash (holographic), and Chrome. $249.99-259.99

strada r – The Strada R represents the brand's budget offering. It blends quality with a price point that makes them affordable. The sole is a polyamide/fiberglass composite for stiffness and comfort. The upper uses a perforated synthetic leather material with a classic two-tone look. Two ATOP dials handle the closure, and they are available in full sizes from 39-47. They have a claimed weight of 282g for a size 41 and come in white/black and black/white. $179.99


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