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6 Best Apple Watch Ultra Screen Protectors

Oct 31, 2023

The Apple Watch Ultra is one rugged smartwatch. It has a titanium build and a flat sapphire crystal display that is resistant to cracks. However rugged it may be, sapphire can also get scratched or cracked upon impact. This is why getting an Apple Watch Ultra screen protector can be a good idea.

While all screen protectors do the same job of protecting your display, they come in various types. Some are made of glass, and some of them are plastic. Some cover just the screen while others have a border that goes around the edges. No matter which one you get, they will surely protect your Apple Watch Ultra's display. So, pick the one that seems the best for you from the list below.

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With that out of the way, here are all the screen protectors we recommend.


Are you applying a screen protector for the first time? Or you don't have expertise in aligning screen protectors accurately? If the answer to either question is yes, you will be more than happy to get this pack of 2 tempered glass screen protectors from SWUU. They come with auto-aligning trays that help you apply the screen protector without much effort.

All you have to do is wipe the screen and place the tray over the display. The screen protector will then sit flush with the display and adhere to it. While the reviews say this is a good product, the only notable con is that the edges are not curved. So, you may face some discomfort while swiping across the screen once you’ve applied it.


This Apple Watch Ultra screen protector is made of flexible TPU and is, hence, not as protective as a screen protector made of glass. If you hit your Apple Watch Ultra's display on hard objects or surfaces often, or if you’re involved in activities that involve rugged use, we would advise against getting this screen protector. Instead, you’re better off investing in a glass screen protector.

However, if you plan on using a thick case that covers the front of the Apple Watch Ultra and overlaps the bezels, a glass screen protector may not play well. In such a case, this is a good alternative. Also, note that since it is made of plastic, the touch response doesn't feel as smooth as it does on glass. You get 3 in the pack, so if one gets scratched up beyond recovery, you can replace it instantly.


If you’re looking for a tempered glass screen protector for the Apple Watch Ultra with curved edges, this is a good option with multiple units in the package. It's completely clear so there are no colored edges if you’re not a fan of that. The brand claims that the product is 10X military-grade shockproof and while we’re not sure what it means, the reviews say the screen protector does a good job of protecting the Apple Watch Ultra in day-to-day scenarios.

The fit is also said to be perfect since the protector goes all the way to the edges. You don't have to be worried about some parts of the display being exposed to damage. While you’re getting curved edges here along with an extra screen protector in the pack, you’re missing out on the alignment tray that you get with the first listing. So, if you have even a bit of experience applying a screen protector, you should opt for this.


Some users who use their Apple Watch Ultra during extreme scenarios like trekking or while playing sports may feel like their watch is more prone to damage not only on the display but also on the exterior chassis. If you belong to that category of users, getting a case like this might be a wise option. This is a clear case so while protecting your Apple Watch Ultra, it also shows off that beautiful titanium casing.

The built-in screen protector adds to the protection since it wraps around the display entirely. If you’re not a fan of the clear colorway, the brand also offers multiple other colors to choose from.

The biggest downside of this product, though, is that the screen protector doesn't adhere to the screen and instead, floats on top of it. This may cause some issues with touch response from time to time. Thus, ruining your experience of using such an expensive smartwatch.


This is one of our favorite tempered glass screen protectors for the Apple Watch Ultra mainly due to the metallic border on the edges. It adds a great deal of protection to your Apple Watch Ultra while improving the way it looks on your wrist. You would get a visual as though the titanium chassis overflows into the display frame to form a single unit.

It covers the entire front of the Apple Watch Ultra. So, no matter where the impact is, the display will be protected. All the reviews for the product say one main thing about the screen protector — that the fit is extremely accurate and among the best that you can find. It blends into the look of the watch making it an excellent purchase. You get 2 in the pack which is nice.


If you’re looking for a no-frills tempered glass that you can apply with extreme ease and one that provides a good deal of protection, you can easily pick up the Spigen screen protector for the Apple Watch Ultra. It is slightly on the expensive side, especially if you consider some other options on this list. You are getting 2 in the pack, though, if that's any consolation.

The edges of this glass are curved which improves the looks and usability of the product. As per the reviews, you will not face any issues using this screen protector even with a case since Spigen itself makes thick and rugged cases. Some users have said that the glass cracks easily upon impact but that's the whole point of a screen protector — absorb the impact and break so that the actual glass on the display doesn't.

The Apple Watch Ultra is one of the most rugged smartwatches that you can buy. But, it's time to make it more rugged by adding an Apple Watch Ultra screen protector to the mix. You can even couple it with a case if you want full-fledged protection.

Last updated on 17 January, 2023

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