Best G/FORE Golf Shoes: Elevate Your Game with Stylish Options
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Best G/FORE Golf Shoes: Elevate Your Game with Stylish Options

Nov 25, 2023

Finding a new pair of golf shoes can be an overwhelming experience as you navigate the dizzying array of options, from the classic brands to the athletic brands to the disruptive newcomers. But for those seeking a pair of stylish yet comfortable golf shoes that still meet all their golf performance needs, look no further than G/FORE.

G/FORE specializes in premium-quality golf shoes in a range of styles, from a bold athletic fit to a time-tested classic profile. So no matter your personal taste, there's sure to be a colorway or design that suits your style. And as a good rule of thumb, you pretty much can't go wrong with any G/FORE golf shoe.

Staff favorite: MG4+Best men's colorways: MG4X2Best women's colorways: GallivanterBest lace-free: G/DRIVEBest for everyday wear: DURF

When reviewing G/FORE's golf shoes, our traditional metrics of assessing the balance of quality, price, and performance weren't quite appropriate since G/FORE boasts an exceptional lineup of options, each with premium-level craftsmanship and features.

Instead, we categorized our picks by the various model attributes that may attract a different kind of golfer. Ultimately, the nuances between each shoe will be a matter of personal preference around how you like your golf shoes to look and feel. But rest assured that no matter what G/FORE model you choose, you’re guaranteed to bring home a top-of-the-line pair.

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Benefits— Available in both men's and women's— Lightweight, athletic fit— Fully waterproof

Drawbacks— Spikeless means you won't be able to replace worn spikes— Expensive

Our favorite G/FORE golf shoe is the G/FORE MG4+ due to its combination of comfort, fit, and overall aesthetic. The MG4+ features a supportive heel cup that provides excellent stability throughout your swing. The "hybrid knurled and sawtooth" spike pattern allows for front-to-back and side-to-side traction — outperforming most spikeless, athletic-style golf shoes.

Additional features we loved were the anti-odor insole that's both machine washable and gently massages your foot as you walk. The mesh interior adds a surprising level of breathability. And they’re fully waterproof, so feel free to take them on your morning rounds or when the weather forecast is less than ideal.

Material: 98% TPU, 2% polyester | Men's colors: 9 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Women's colors: 6 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Size range: Men's 7-15, Women's 5-11

Benefits— Designed to be worn on and off the course— Extremely comfortable— Reflective laces

Drawbacks— Not completely waterproof— Narrow fit— Expensive

Billed as a "golf cross trainer," the G/FORE MG4X2 is a hybrid of sorts between a spikeless, athletic-fit golf shoe and an everyday casual walking shoe. A few design features, like the slightly lower dip around the ankle and the sawtooth-only spike pattern, are more reminiscent of a typical cross trainer. But the spike pattern still holds up in most conditions as a sturdy golf shoe.

Where these golf shoes really stand out is in the bold and wide-ranging colorways. There are currently 13 different colors to choose from for the men's version (though only five colors for women's).

You can find traditional staples like all-black and two-tones with the usual grays, whites, and navies, but G/FORE also offers a variety of limited editions like an all-green Ninja Turtle look and even a navy bandana pattern. These golf shoes are truly a street-ready statement piece for your shoe collection.

Material: Varies | Men's colors: 13 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Women's colors: 5 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Size range: Men's 7-15, Women's 5-11

Benefits— Classic styling— Exceptional feel and craftsmanship— Both timeless and bold designs available

Drawbacks— Heavier than most golf shoes— Least traction of G/FORE spikeless options— Expensive

If the G/FORE MG4X2 was the top pick for men's colorways, then the top pick for women's colorways is the G/FORE Women's Gallivanter. The timeless profile and styling make the Gallivanter one of the classiest golf shoes you can own. They’re made from 100% waterproof pebble full-grain leather, so they appear textured and almost handcrafted with the premium feel of a real leather golf shoe.

From the blush longwing and a red, white, and blue kiltie to a mouthwatering silver-toed version, these shoes might take a few strokes off your score just for looking incredible. G/FORE periodically releases new limited-edition colors, too, so it's worth checking back to see if your golf shoe collection could use a new addition. And if that's not enough, the brand even carries a Gallivanter golf boot in both women's and men's — for what course, you ask? We’re not entirely sure, but they look great.

Material: 100% waterproof smooth/pebble full-grain leather | Men's colors: 12+ (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Women's colors: 18 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Size range: Men's 7-15, Women's 5-11

Benefits— Lace-free tightening system— Fully waterproof— Machine washable, massaging insole

Drawbacks— Only available in men's— Limited color options— Expensive

Riding the recent trend of BOA-style shoe tightening systems, G/FORE released its lace-free golf shoe, G/DRIVE. Functionally, the shoe drafts off much of what makes the MG4+ so great. A fully waterproof upper, reinforced heel enclosure for stability, and a combination knurled and sawtooth spike pattern for increased traction on all terrain.

Where the G/DRIVE sets itself apart really comes down to the laces, as the shoe features two twist knobs on the exterior to help tighten the shoes without traditional laces. The system functions exactly like the BOA-enabled golf shoes by other popular brands and gives you a snug and secure fit every time without the risk of untied laces. At $25 more than the MG4+, it comes down to personal preference and how much you hate tying your own shoes.

Material: 99% TPU, 1% polyester | Men's colors: 2 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Women's colors: N/A | Size range: Men's 7-15

Benefits— Made from 100% leather for a premium look and feel— Fully waterproof— Unique skateboarding-like design

Drawbacks— Limited color options— Least traction of G/FORE spikeless options

Completing our list of best G/FORE golf shoes is the DURF, which earned our top spot for everyday wear. While some other golf shoes claim on- and off-course wearability, the G/FORE DURF looks like a street shoe at first glance. Only when you flip to the sole do you realize it's also meant to play golf, as it uses the Gallivanter-style G/ROUND spike pattern.

We love the perforated smooth-grain leather outer that exudes a luxurious look and feel. Plus, the fully waterproof leather means you can wear these shoes fearlessly from the bunker to the bar. Those looking for a more serious golf shoe may want to explore the other options that G/FORE offers, but for a casual option, the DURF would make a supreme addition to any collection.

And what does DURF even stand for, you may ask? It's a mash-up of the shoe's slogan: "Disrupt the turf" — speaking to the larger idea of disruptive skateboarding culture getting injected into a golf shoe, a perspective of trying something new that's become a hallmark of the G/FORE brand.

Material: 100% waterproof smooth full-grain leather | Men's colors: 2 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Women's colors: 5 (with new limited-edition colors released periodically) | Size range: Men's 7-15, Women's 5-11

G/FORE is a great golf shoe brand, offering various luxurious and style-forward options to suit any taste. While the price point is at a premium, golfers can take solace in knowing they’re getting an incredibly well-made golf shoe designed with both comfort and performance in mind. The designs have something for everyone, from standard colored athletic-fit golf shoes, like the MG4+, to boldly innovative combinations, like the Camo Knit Tuxedo Gallivanter.

The most important considerations when determining which G/FORE golf shoe is right for you are fit, style, and on- or off-course performance. Regarding price, most G/FORE golf shoes will fall into the upper $100s or low $200s, making them a premium-level option. And all G/FORE golf shoes feature the uber-comfortable massaging insole that deserves to be tested at least once by every golfer. Once you make the switch, it's hard to choose any other insole.

Every golfer has their own preferences around how they like their golf shoes to fit. Regarding G/FORE's array of golf shoe options, the key factor in choosing which golf shoe is right for you is whether you enjoy a traditional, athletic, or street-like fit.

For traditionalists, the Gallivanter will wear much like its FootJoy contemporaries, though it's a bit heavier. We like the weight to help you stay grounded, but it can be a bit heavy for those who like to walk every round exclusively.

For athletes, the MG4+ and MG4X2 are fantastic options. Both mimic a cross trainer in that they are a bit narrower, super breathable, and keep your foot feeling secure throughout your swing.

For street-wear enthusiasts, the DURF is a no-brainer pick. It wears and looks like a skateboarding shoe, but the 100% leather upper offers a luxurious feel, and the G/ROUND spike pattern will get you through most any casual round.

Style is mostly an individual decision, but G/FORE has no shortage of eye-catching and bold designs to choose from. The brand also offers a few "safe" choices like blacks, grays, whites, and easily matchable two-tones. Still, some of the fun in wearing G/FORE golf shoes is exploring more innovative colorways. G/FORE always releases new limited-edition styles, so watch for possible color combinations that fit your aesthetic.

Most golfers have a lean in whether they like to wear their golf shoes on the course exclusively or want to have the option to wear them right off the 18th green and into the clubhouse. Fortunately, G/FORE has plenty of options to suit either golfer.

In fact, G/FORE has even dubbed their MG4X2 a "golf cross trainer" for the explicit purpose of wearing it wherever you see fit. It fits just like an athletic shoe, but the special spikeless pattern has enough traction to keep you stable throughout your round.

According to the brand's website and customer reviews, G/FORE golf shoes tend to run about a half size small compared to traditional brands, and it's recommended to size up when ordering for yourself.

Peter Millar acquired G/FORE in 2018 to help diversify their golf apparel and shoe portfolio. While the bold styling and innovative designs of G/FORE may not feel familiar to fans of Peter Millar's more traditional aesthetic, they are part of the same overall company.

G/FORE makes some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market. Every pair of G/FORE golf shoes features a proprietary insole designed with small nodules that gently massage your feet as you walk. Plus, with various street-ready shoe designs, many golfers wear their G/FORE golf shoes in everyday life.

Scott Fluhler is a freelance golf writer and producer based out of San Diego, California with over 14 years experience in video and content production. He is the creator and voice of Bad Birdie's weekly golf and culture newsletter, Breakfast Balls, and is a contributing writer/producer for the SCGA and FORE magazine.

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