Best Google Pixel 6a screen protectors in 2023
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Best Google Pixel 6a screen protectors in 2023

Nov 03, 2023

Protect your Pixel 6a's OLED screen with these reliable options

The Google Pixel 6a is arguably one of the best budget Android phones of 2023, featuring a gorgeous 6.1-inch OLED screen, a powerful processor, and impressive cameras in a sleek design. While the company has included Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the display from scratches, it's hardly impervious to mishaps. So apart from shelling out for an excellent Pixel 6a case, you should also invest in a good screen protector to keep that display pristine.

But before you go screen protector shopping, remember this budget Google phone has an in-display fingerprint sensor, which doesn't always play well with tempered glass protectors. If you don't want to deal with fingerprint sensor issues, it's better to choose a TPU film. Whether you want a tempered glass panel or a TPU film, we've got you covered. Our recommendations include the best of both.

There is a lot to like about the Spigen GlasTR AlignMaster. It not only offers fantastic clarity and touch response, but it's also excellent at scratch resistance. Plus, the bundled installation kit makes the screen protector application reasonably painless. And if you somehow mess up the first time, you get an extra tempered glass protector in the pack. Another highlight of the Spigen offering is its low-cost replacement program. If you ruin the protector while applying it, scratch it, or break it within one year of purchase, you can get a replacement for 50% off.

Zagg is no stranger to screen protectors. It has made a name for itself by producing high-quality products for years. If you want a top-notch tempered glass protector for the Pixel 6a, it's hard to wrong with Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Elite. Apart from being excellent at scratch resistance and other usual screen protector attributes, it also works with the in-display fingerprint sensor. However, you will have to re-register your fingerprints after the installation and increase touch sensitivity. The installation process is seamless, thanks to bundled EZ Apply Tray.

This Supershieldz Glass Screen Protector is another capable, tempered glass option for those looking for something affordable. You get three tempered glass protectors in the pack, but there is no camera lens guard, unlike some of our other recommendations. Considering how much thinner the camera bump is, camera lens protectors aren't quite as crucial for the Pixel 6a, so I prefer Supershieldz giving us a third screen protector rather than lens guards.The screen protector has 2.5D rounded edges for a comfortable experience. You also get top-notch clarity, scratch resistance, and excellent touch sensitivity.

You will love the IQ Shield screen protector if you prefer TPU film protectors over tempered glass. This TPU film will protect your phone's screen from scratches and other cosmetic damage without bulking up the front of your phone. It also comes with a camera lens protector to safeguard the camera bump.In other features, the screen protector has self-healing properties and will revert to its original state from minor scratches and dents. Lastly, you will get two screen guards in the pack and a lifetime replacement warranty if you ever need to change the protector.

The AACL screen protector for the Pixel 6a is a dependable budget option. It costs under $10 and is effortless to install, thanks to the bundled guidance frame. In addition, the screen protector is made with 9H hardness tempered glass and offers excellent protection against scratches, scuff marks, and dents. You get three tempered glass protectors in the pack, which should be enough to last the phone's lifetime for most people. The company also ships camera lens protectors to safeguard the rear camera setup from scratches.

If you want a matte screen protector to reduce glare, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is an American-made match for you. Made from TPU material, this is a film-type screen protector, not tempered glass. So you get self-healing support, which helps the screen protector recover from minor scratches and scuff marks over time.Other features are in line with our other recommendations. For example, ArmorSuit MilitaryShield has a perfect fit and excellent touch response. The company also offers a lifetime replacement warranty for everything from damage to installation issues.

The JETech Screen Protector is a great example of why you don't need to spend big bucks to get quality protection for your phone. It offers impressive damage resistance and will safeguard the display from everyday mishaps. The company's tempered glass kit also includes a camera lens protector to keep that big black bar on the Pixel 6a safe.In other features, the screen protector is case-friendly and easy to install, thanks to the bundled alignment tool. Plus, the two-pack ensures you have a spare to fall back on if needed.

OtterBox has made a name for itself by producing some of the best rugged smartphone cases. But the company's expertise isn't limited to cases; they also make excellent screen protectors, and the Alpha Flex series is a perfect example. It's a high-quality screen protector that will keep your Pixel 6a safe from all sorts of mishaps without impacting its clarity or touch response.Moreover, the OtterBox Alpha Flex is Made for Google-certified, ensuring it will work with the in-display fingerprint sensor. That said, it's a good idea to re-register your fingerprints after installing the screen protector.

amFilm has quickly made a name for itself by offering premium quality screen protectors at affordable prices. The company's tempered glass screen protector for the Google Pixel 6a is no exception. It's a solid option to safeguard your phone's screen. Moreover, you get a camera lens protector with the screen protector to keep that camera bar free from scratches.The screen protector promises superb clarity and touchscreen sensitivity. Unfortunately, amFilm doesn't include an installation tool in the box. But the installation handles on the tempered glass protector should make it easy to apply it.

Omoton offers an inexpensive pack of tempered glass protectors for the Pixel 6a, including three screen guards and two camera lens protectors. The company's glass protectors are good at what they do and will keep the display free from scratches and other blemishes. They are also rated for 9H hardness and work with the phone's in-display fingerprint sensor, as long as you re-register your fingerprints after applying the screen guard.The installation process is relatively easy, but as there is no alignment tray in the box, you must depend on the guide stickers to ensure you don't misalign anything.

iVoler may not be a popular screen protector brand, but the company offers a decent three-pack of tempered glass protectors for the Pixel 6a. It's rated 9H hardness, just like other high-quality glass protectors, and it's only 0.33mm thick to ensure minimal impact on the phone's touch response and screen clarity. You also get an alignment frame in the box to assist with the installation process, and the three-pack includes enough spares to distribute among family and friends.

The Skinomi TechSkin is another high-quality TPU screen protector for the Google Pixel 6a. It offers a perfect fit and uses a wet install for bubble-free application. While it won't be much help in case of a drop, it will undoubtedly stop the display from getting scratches and other blemishes during regular usage. The screen protector can also recover from minor damage over time. Lastly, each Skinomi TechSkin pack includes two screen protectors and two clear camera lens guards.

The $7 UniqueMe pack is fantastic value as it includes two tempered glass screen protectors and three camera guards. Both the screen and camera protector do their job well and will keep the scratches, scrapes, and dents away. You also get a bundled alignment frame that makes the installation seamless. But sadly, like most other glass-based protectors, the UniqueMe offering interferes with the in-display fingerprint sensor.

You won't have to break the bank to get this tempered glass protector from Orzero. It's one of the cheapest screen guards in our recommendations. But despite its affordable pricing, the Orzero screen guard is great at protection and will keep the screen safe from everyday mishaps. Unfortunately, you don't get an alignment frame in the box. However, as there are three protectors in each pack, you will have spares to try again if you mess up the installation the first time.

Although the Pixel a-series phones don't typically get the same love from accessory manufacturers as flagship Pixel phones, there is no shortage of excellent screen protectors for the Pixel 6a. Most popular brands have released their offerings, and we particularly like Spigen's GlasTR AlignMaster for the Pixel 6a. While it doesn't have the same super-easy installation tool as the company's EZ Fit protectors, it's still reasonably painless to apply as long as you follow the instructions. Moreover, like most other Spigen products, it's high quality and keeps the display safe from dents, scrapes, and scratches.

But if you're willing to shell out more for a premium offering, you can get Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Elite. It's easy to install and has a much better track record of working with the fingerprint sensor than other glass protectors on the market. Finally, SuperShieldz's tempered glass protector is a good option for budget-conscious buyers. It costs under $10, and you get three screen protectors in one pack. But despite its affordable pricing, it doesn't compromise on protection.

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