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Best Google Pixel Watch screen protectors 2023

Oct 29, 2023

Say no to breakage with an enduring Pixel Watch screen protector.

Google's Pixel Watch is an absolute beauty of a smartwatch with all the right curves. The Android wearable is just as fun to interact with as its dapper looks, which doubles the joy of using it.

Since the Pixel Watch is staggeringly expensive to purchase, you definitely need to ramp up the display's protective measures. One little nick can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix, not to mention the emotional hurt of damaging such a pricey wearable. Here are the best screen protectors to safeguard your Google Pixel Watch.

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Staff Pick

You can't go wrong with the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Clear Film. These Google Pixel Watch Clear Films are sturdy, scratch-resistant, self-healing, and highly responsive, with an oleophobic coating to repel dirt.

Flex this

The EGV TPU Film comes in a six-pack, making the most of your investment. These glossy films can repair small scratches over time and they are oleophobic as well, keeping dust and liquid particles off the Pixel Watch's screen.

All-around protection

Looking for more than just screen protection? The HASDON Google Pixel Watch Case comes with a Tempered Glass unit built-in. This case is an all-in-one solution to safeguard your Google watch from every angle.

Lifetime insurance

Spectre Shield promises a lifetime replacement guarantee for its screen protectors. You get amazing value with this 8-pack. Every individual Pixel Watch screen guard is cut by a laser for a precise fit, and the wet installation secures it firmly in place.

Multi-layered protection

Ringke's Dual Easy lineup of screen guards is a tad expensive, but you won't be disappointed by the product quality. These Google Pixel Watch films have self-healing properties and a quad-layer design for ultimate protection.

Full protection

TAURI's hard case protector has a tempered glass screen protector in a plastic case to protect your watch from top and side impacts. It's clear apart from a black bezel so you still see your watch's color and finish underneath.

Self-healing film

This JETech screen protector is a TPU film that is designed to cover the entire display and even has self-healing properties to clear up after minor scratches. This pack comes with six films so you've got a replacement ready if you get a deep scratch.

Smooth application

Looking for bubble-free results? IQ Shield's Full Body Protector for the Google Pixel Watch glides on without any bumps or air bubbles. You can expect ultra high clarity and solid protection from scrapes and nicks.

Bargain of the century

RinoGear's set of four TPU screen protectors is a total steal. You get high-grade flexible films that cover every inch of your Pixel Watch's display with ease.

You'll come across a million different thoughts and perspectives about the Google Pixel Watch on the internet, but we here at Android Central are strongly for it. Google has come close to achieving perfection with its latest wearable, and we love that it doesn't look comically large on dainty wrists, no matter what Pixel Watch band you go for.

Keeping your premium Pixel Watch fresh and scratch-free for a long, long time is essential. The screen is what you'll be staring at, so that's the bit that needs the most coverage. For the best quality protection and user experience, we recommend the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Clear Film. This 6-pack of Google Pixel Watch screen protectors includes extremely durable TPU films with high clarity. The oleophobic layer on top repels fingerprints, liquids, and other types of dirt and debris.

To maximize the value prospect without losing out on important features, go for the for your Google Pixel Watch. Getting eight pieces of TPU protectors for less than five dollars is nothing less than a steal. Spectre Shield is a reliable brand that we've recommended time and time again because of its uncompromising quality and lifetime replacement guarantee.

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