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May 17, 2023

Were you watching closely?

Fans have spotted an incredible detail from Into the Spider-Verse, one that hinted at a big twist involving Miles Morales in Across the Spider-Verse years ahead of time.

MAJOR spoilers for the Across the Spider-Verse ending follow. If you haven't seen the movie yet, look away now.

In the final act of Across the Spider-Verse, Miles is taken via the Go-Home Machine to the home world of 'his' DNA. Unfortunately for him – and thanks to the radioactive spider from another universe that bit him – that's Earth-42, not his home world of Earth-1610.

As Miles (and the audience) discovers, there is a Miles Morales on this Earth – but he's the Prowler, not Spider-Man.

The absence of a radioactive spider, then, caused Earth-42's Miles to turn to the dark side with his uncle. But, as seen in Into the Spider-Verse, that could have been ‘our’ Miles’ fate all along.

Why? Check out the colors when Miles meets his world's Peter Parker in the first movie. Their Spidey-Senses both go off, but Miles’ is initially green and purple – the same color scheme as The Prowler. Thankfully, it then fades into the heroic red-and-blue of everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. Mind. Blown. Check out the scene for yourself down below.

#AcrossTheSpiderVerse SPOILER-------When miles gets his powers in the first movie, he originally has the purple/green color scheme, who's colours are those? THE PROWLERWhen miles from earth 42 is shown we see a red and blue shades on his face, the colours of SPIDERMAN pic.twitter.com/18iX58j6UZJune 4, 2023

The implication is that Miles, at one point, was fated to being the Prowler. But the Canon Event of being bit by a spider helped turn him into Spider-Man.

Conversely, Earth-42's Miles is shaded in red and blue when we first meet him in Across the Spider-Verse, hinting at what could have been. We even see the moment where the spider was about to bite Earth-42 Miles in The Spot's origin story. Talk about foreshadowing – and what a payoff.

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MAJOR spoilers for the Across the Spider-Verse ending follow. If you haven't seen the movie yet, look away now.