Rose Anvil Dissects MSCHF Big Red Boots
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Rose Anvil Dissects MSCHF Big Red Boots

Nov 23, 2023

Known for its in-depth looks at our favorite footwear, YouTube channel Rose Anvil recently cut into MSCHF‘s Big Red Boots to review its quality and construction. Retailing for $350 USD, the Big Red Boot nearly broke the Internet when they were revealed earlier this year.

The initial look at the MSCHF Big Red Boots reveals that they stand 15 inches tall and weigh 3 lbs, the viral shoes made in China are constructed of a TPU shell with an EVA foam sole unit. Rose Anvil's review of the shoe notes that the materials used in the construction are good with an unsurprising unique utilization, and are surprisingly comfy. Cutting into the shoe reveals a TPU skin shaft, fabric lining, foam cavities for structure, foam insert, perforated foam midsole, and EVA foam outsole.

Watch Rose Anvil's dissection of MSCHF's Big Red Boots above.

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