Waste Factory PLA/Pbat/EVA/TPU/Breathable Film Roll Film Recycling Machine
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Waste Factory PLA/Pbat/EVA/TPU/Breathable Film Roll Film Recycling Machine

Waste Factory PLA/Pbat/EVA/TPU/Breathable Film Roll Film Recycling Machine

Overview Product Description We are a plastic recycling machine manufacturer , specializing in providing machines for wa
Basic Info
Model NO. 150
Automation Automatic
Computerized Computerized
Customized Customized
Certification SGS
Condition New
Total Power 55kw
Mator Power 63kw
Area 18m^2
Recycling Material PE/PP/LDPE/HDPE/EVA/ABS/PLA/Pbat
Transport Package Film Packing, Standard Sea Freight Packing
Specification 150kg/h
Origin Quanzhou China
HS Code 8477201000
Production Capacity 120 Pieces/Year
Product Description

We are a plastic recycling machine manufacturer, specializing in providing machines for waste plastic recycling in factories. If you are a manufacturer of plastics (plastic bags, plastic gloves, plastic pipes), or a manufacturer of recycled waste plastics (such as films, bottles, non-woven fabrics), then we can provide you with a granulator to recycle plastics.. Recycled high-quality plastic particles can be directly added to the film production line, and the added proportion is 30% to 100%.1. After the electric control cabinet starts, power supply to the pelletizer. The machine starts to run.
2. The feed port can feed manually or through an external conveyor belt.
3. Through the physical extrusion of the screw and frictional heat generation, the plastic becomes semi-solid.
4. The plastic is cut into pellets, mainly by the blade. If the plastic is dirty, you can add a filter.
5. The air-cooling part makes the temperature of the pellets drop rapidly.
6. Pellet outlet, where the pellets are collected.

Product ParametersGranulator Configuration
GearBox1Main Motor1
Stainless steel bucket4Fan1
Electric box1/110kwPelletizing motor1
Filter1Hydraulic station1
Granulator Model
Output(kg)Weight(T)Floor Area(m^2)power(kw)
Recycling Plastic Type
Non-woven FabricBreathable FilmPE+PLA
Form of Recycling Plastic
Roll Plastic FilmScrap PlasticPost customer Plastic
Garbage PlasticPlastic PipeUsed Plastic
Recycling Granules Gallery These pellets are our recycled products. Most of the particles are crystal clear in appearance, free of impurities and bubbles. These pellets can be added directly to the plastic production line, eg pe can be used as raw material (100% recycled). The proportion of others joining the production line is roughly 30%~95%.
CertificationsSINSANDA MACHINERY is a company focusing on waste plastic recycling. The quality of the recycled particles is higher than other companies in the same industry. The company provides different types of plastic granules, which can recycle PP, PE, LDPE, degradable materials and other types of plastic, and can customize machines according to needs.Company ProfileOur Advantages

1.Simple to use, no need to warm up, cold start. Just schedule an employee to get the job done.

2.Higher particle quality, granules can directly add to the production line, the addition ratio is above 30%, and the clean pe film can reach 100%

3.The granulation machine can recycle a variety of materials. At present, in addition to PET, other types of plastics can recycle.

How do we know if this machine can handle our material?Our machinery can recycle most of the plastic. We can also provide the process of testing the machine. We need you to send us the plastic you want to recycle, it's between 50kg to 100kg, and we will send the particles recovered by the machine back to you. Click Contact to get our harvesting address.How much is the price of the plastic recycling machine?The price is around $19,800 to $100,000, depending on how much output you want! Click to Contact for a quote.Has your company ever done foreign trade? How do you send the goods to us??We are a supplier in China, with foreign trade import and export authority, our goods are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe, with actual export experience! We send goods to the world through Xiamen Port, Ningbo Port and Shenzhen Port.