Huntsman Gives Ossberger Material Support for Blow
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Huntsman Gives Ossberger Material Support for Blow

Aug 31, 2023

Posted by staff | Oct 11, 2022

Elastomer experts from Huntsman have been supporting blow-molding equipment manufacturer Ossberger as it prepares to launch its latest Pressblower machine at K 2022. At the show, which runs from Oct. 19 to 26 at Messe Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany, Ossberger will unveil the Pressblower SB2-260 – a brand new injection blow molder designed to produce boots, also called gaiters, for automotive air springs.

To demonstrate the precision molding capabilities of the new Pressblower SB2-260, Ossberger will use Huntsman's Irogan A 92 E 4860 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to produce boots with a net weight of about 150 grams within a cycle time of 27 seconds, producing up to 270 boots per hour.

Boots and bellows produced on Ossberger's Pressblower machines are used in around 90% of automobiles worldwide, helping to reduce vibration and create a more stable ride.

During development of the Pressblower SB2-260, Ossberger opted to use Huntsman's Irogan A 92 E 4860 TPU to test the machine's capabilities. The TPU is a polyester-based specialty elastomer designed for extrusion and injection molding applications. A popular choice for thick- and thin-wall technical parts, thick-wall extrusion profiles, pneumatic tubes, and film and sheet products, the material has a high melt stability and enables short cycle times.

Parts made with Irogan A 92 E 4860 TPU can also deliver excellent wear performance, said the company. Elastic and lightweight, but capable of delivering high resistance to dynamic stress, abrasion, and grease, the material can stand up to the demands of a harsh under-chassis environment. It tolerates extremes in temperature and withstands continual vibration and debris thrown up from the road.

"When it came to demonstrating the Pressblower SB2-260, there were not many material grades we wanted to use," explained Klaus Haub, Sales Manager at Ossberger. "Our final choice was Irogan A 92 E 4860 TPU. It's an exceptional elastomer that consistently delivers what you need from both a processing and performance perspective. The technical support from Huntsman is also first rate. We are grateful for the team's input and assistance as we launch our latest Pressblower machine."

Michael Kolm, Sales Manager, Specialty Elastomers, at Huntsman said: "We are delighted to be supporting Ossberger with the launch of the Pressblower SB2-260. The team's use of Irogan A 92 E 4860 TPU is a great endorsement for this material, which is already renowned for its reliability and robustness. We look forward to seeing the material in action on the new machine at K, and to expanding our collaboration with Ossberger."

Ossberger can be found in hall 14 at booth 14A04.

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