Poligal installs Atlas CW5400 slitter rewinder for new CPP film line
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Poligal installs Atlas CW5400 slitter rewinder for new CPP film line

Aug 15, 2023

The new line has enabled Poligal to complement its expanding BOPP film production with high-quality, competitive CPP film for both food and non-food applications.

Poligal (Polipropileno de Galicia S.A.) was established in 1991 in Narón, near La Coruña in Spain's north-western province of Galicia, when it installed its first 6m-wide BOPP film production line. It is part of the privately owned Grup Peralada with a head office in Barcelona and is now one of the leading manufacturers of BOPP film in Europe with an annual production of 50,000 tonnes/year and 12,500 tonnes/year of CPP (cast polypropylene). The company provides a full range of plastic films for flexible packaging, labels and lamination for consumer products and a variety of other industrial applications.

The new Atlas CW5400 slitter rewinder now in production at Poligal (Arcos) is a 4.800mm wide primary film slitter processing CPP film up to 4.8m wide with automatic knife and automatic rewind arm positioning systems. Rewind reel diameters can be up to 1500mm and up to 5000kg in weight using wireless combination (HD) rewind arms. Maximum production speed is 1000m/min with slit widths as narrow as 300mm if required and the CW5400 also has an external edge trim winding system.

‘We are very pleased with the new Atlas CW5400 film slitter,’ commented José Luis Doldán, chief operational officer of the group. ‘Installation and commissioning was completed on time and in line with the start-up of the new CPP film line. Together with our new vacuum metallizing line in Arcos, we are now able to develop new industrial applications and to further extend our already wide range of vacuum coated substrates.’

‘Poligal and Atlas have a long-standing business relationship covering almost 25 years,’ continued Doldán. ‘We installed our first Atlas primary film slitter in Narón – a CW960 model – in 1991 with the first BOPP film line and added a second CW960 slitter with our second 6m wide BOPP line in 1997. We also have five other Atlas secondary slitter rewinders ranging in width from 1300mm to 2200mm which were installed between 1991 and 2001.’

Poligal added vacuum metalizing to its production portfolio in Narón in 1996 and has significantly expanded this part of its business with a second metalizing line in 1999 and a third four years later. In response to significant expansion of business, Poligal commenced BOPP film production in Arcos, Portugal in 2008 with an 8.2m wide BOPP film line and an Atlas CW984 primary slitter rewinder.

In 2010, Poligal started slitting and rewinding operations in narrower widths in Arcos to meet growing demand for the flexible packaging sector and the company now has sales offices in France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Poland and Mexico.

Next year Poligal will commence production at a new green field site in Poland with an 8.7m wide BOPP film extrusion line and a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year.

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