The best Google Pixel Watch screen protectors for today
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The best Google Pixel Watch screen protectors for today

Oct 28, 2023

Google has completed its hardware-software ecosystem with the debut of the Google Pixel Watch, pairing it with the release of the new Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

While a smartphone case may be a no-brainer for today's giant glass slabs, can the same be said of smartwatch screen protectors? A smartwatch is almost always in line for perilous impacts — even more so than a smartphone. Every day, there's the potential of banging your wrist against numerous hard surfaces, like walls and tables, that can potentially scratch, damage, or chip away at your smartwatch glass over time. The stats back this up, too. While most users manage to keep their electronic equipment safe from accidents, some 45% will damage their device and 38% will drop their device onto a hard surface at some point during its life span.

If you're planning on a brand new Google Pixel Watch and want to protect its pretty face for as long as possible, inexpensive coverage in the form of a screen protector is a helpful solution. We rounded up a few that are available today to get you started.

If you're intent on protecting your Pixel Watch screen, consider the RinoGear Pixel Watch Screen Protector six-pack, a wet install film that preserves the beauty of your watch. It features a precision laser-cut, flexible smart skin film to cover the timepiece's curved face. It promises crystal-clear clarity, an invisible, high-definition surface, and accurate full touchscreen functionality.

This protective film covering for your Pixel Watch face features a flexible, shock-absorbing cover with accurate touch and feel functionality from the center to the face's edge. The FX-ActiFleX Protector Film is derived from the company's FX-Curved-Clear product, which combines adhesion on curved glass and ceramic surfaces with a shock-absorbing oleophobic coating that keeps the surface pristine and fingerprint-free. Minor dings and scratches are self-repairing.

The Spectre Shield Screen Protector is made from proprietary military-grade skin film material that is laser-cut to form an invisible shield for your watch face. It protects your timepiece from accidental scratches or damage and is compatible with Pixel Watch cases. Its transparency film uses advanced optical material to ensure your screen stays sharp and looks vibrant. A wet install allows for multiple adjustments for the right fit. The package includes the film, microfiber cloth, and smoothing card.

The CellBell TPU Screen Protector is a 0.1mm bubble-free, touch-sensitive, scratch-resistant cover for your Google Pixel Watch. The clear TPU hydrophobic and oleophobic screen cover features four protective layers: a scratch-resistant layer, a shock-absorption layer, a memory layer, and an adhesive layer. Bubbles and scratches get repaired automatically within 24 hours, while the full-screen cover maintains the watch face's original color and brightness.

This easy-install screen protector is bubble-free and adheres tightly to your Pixel Watch screen for maximum touch sensitivity and visual clarity. The edge-to-edge protection offers full coverage for your smartwatch and shields it from drops, scratches, and impact. It's a permanent cover that stays put until you choose to peel it off.

With the Vaxson Tempered Glass Screen Protector, a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating reduces sweat and fingerprints to preserve nearly 100% transparency for your Pixel Watch screen. Its tempered glass has reinforced beveled edges for high-definition image clarity and touch sensitivity. The screen cover is bubble-free and dust-resistant, with a 9H hardness rating that guards against scuffs, scratches, and impact.